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Email us at snakeriverchessclub@gmail.com

We meet regularly at the Idaho Falls Public Library
Wednesdays 6-9p (on hiatus for summer)
Saturdays 11a-2p

All Ages! All Skills!

Lessons and Tournaments Coming Soon!

Updates: With summer here, participation low and few hosts, Wednesdays are going to be far more casual and dependent on who shows up. Definitely bring your own chess gear until we can establish boards that live at the library. If anyone is willing to host Wednesday nights, or any other day or time, we can still attempt to reserve rooms at the library or just meet casually upstairs.

Email snakeriverchessclub@gmail.com if you're interested!

At this point we only have solid hosts for Saturday and so regular meet ups will be then and we'll try to have them in the meeting rooms at the library.

Though with the nice weather returning, we should plan some outdoor chess!

Regular Chess Meetings: Generally Meet at Idaho Falls Public Library, either Meeting Rooms 1st Level or Second Level Commons

  • Saturday Jul 30, 11am-2pm @ Memorial Park next to Farmers Market

  • Saturday Aug 06, 11am-2pm @ IFPL Meeting Room 2

  • Saturday Aug 13, 11am-2pm @ IFPL Meeting Room 2

  • Saturday Aug 20, 11am-2pm @ IFPL Meeting Room 2

  • Saturday Aug 27, 11am-2pm @ IFPL Meeting Room 2



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